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7 Signs you should be living in the country

Posted by Michigan Lifestyle Properties on May 23, 2017

1) Lofts, metal and “modern” aren’t your thing – but a house like this makes you fall in love every time, and you daydream about wrap-around porches.

2) You’re making garden plans while there’s still snow on the ground, and visit the farmers market every weekend

3) You’ve been using Masons jars for everything for as long as you can remember – way before Pinterest made them cool!

4) Speaking of Pinterest, you have boards dedicated to chicken coops, DIY tree swings and woodstoves – but you currently live on a postage-stamp size lot.

5) You know the best lullabies to fall asleep to every night are the sounds of cicadas, crickets, and frogs.

6) You currently live on a half-acre lot, but still feel like you are waaayyy too close to the neighbors.

7) Many of your hobbies involve being outside & getting dirty – gardening, hiking, four-wheeling, riding horses – and yes, your dream “pet” weighs 1000 pounds and lives in a barn.


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